Scale Calibration related FAQs

  • How to know if my scales need calibration?
    • If your scale is legal for trade, then you need the scale to be periodically calibrated and certificated.

  • How can somebody calibrate my scale?
    • At Scalemen of Florida we use the procedures described in the NIST Handbook 44 to inspect, calibrate and certified your scale.

  • How often do my scales need to be calibrated?
    • The calibration frequency may be found in your Standard Operating Procedures. It also depends on the amount of use of the scale.

  • What kind of test weights will the tecnician use to calibrate my scales?
    • Depending on the capacity and resolution of the scale, our technician may use Class F or Class S test weights. We use known test weights certified to the Department of Agriculture and INSCO Metrology.

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