We offer scale repair services

Our certified technicians have been trained to offer the best solution for your weighing issue. If your weighing system is not working as always, scale is fluctuating, weigh is changing for no reason or just your scale suddenly died, do not hesitate to contact us. We will also install any weighing system regardless of its size and complexity

  • Some scale possible issues
    • Scale not powering up
    • Scale is fluctuating
    • Scale not showing the same weight when the object is moved around the platform
    • Scale is obviously off
    • Scale showing negative weight
    • Scale is missing parts or has visible damaged components
    • Scale not showing the same weight when weighing the same object

  • Some installation service that may be needed
    • Scale needs to be moved to another location and recalibrated
    • Scale needs some kind of protection, like bumpers guards, to be installed to avoid damages by the enviroment
    • Scale is to big to be moved
    • Scale needs some major components to be installed
    • Scale has been shippped to the customer but needs to be installed and calibrated in place
    • Enviroment needs to be modified in order to install the scale

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