All kind of weigh measurement equipment to suit your needs

Scalemen of Florida is proud of been a certified dealer of many of the major manufactures in the industry. We can provide almost any kind of weighing device to suit your weighing needs. Some of the most common may be:

  • Industrial scales:
    • Floor scales of different measures to weigh palletes in warehouses and shipping companies
    • Drum scales
    • Animal weighing scales
    • Truck scales
    • Forklift scales, incorporated in the forktruck to improve the weighing procedure
    • Crane scales and loadcells
    • Washdown scales to be used in wet environments

  • High resolution scales:
    • High precision Milligrams and analytical scales
    • Low capacity scales
    • High precision gauges for product testing

  • Special applications scales:
    • Counting scales for a faster, more accurate inventory control. Capacity may vary based on the weight of the products been counted
    • Aircraft weighing scales, for small airplanes weight control
    • High capacity loadcells
    • Test stands for force measurement and product quality control for manufacturers

  • Used equipment:
    • We are able to offer our customer a variety of used equipment for those with a tight budget. For used equipment requests, please contact our office.

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