We provide NIST scale calibration services

For more than 40 years Scalemen of Florida has been serving South Florida, providing calibration services in almost any kind of weighing equipment.

  • Our calibration procedures are based on the NIST Handbook 44.

  • We use certified known test weights that range from Stainless Steel Class S milligrams test weights to heavy Cast Iron Class F test weights. We hold 50,000lb of inventory test weights.

  • We can provide regular Inspection Sheets, Regular Certifications, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certification or U.S Pharmacoepial Balance Test & Verification Process, depending on customer requirements. We can also customize certification for your particular quality programs.

  • Calibration of certain devices like Force Gauges, Crane Scales, High Capacity loadcells and weight kits may be performed at our location in Davie. We will pick up your equipment and we will return it to you after calibration or you can ship it to our location and we will ship it back to you.

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